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We're thrilled to see that Swarm by Lauren Carter and Happiness Economics by Shari Lapena have made it into the Top 40 of CBC Books Canada Reads 2014! Please help us get these two titles into the Top 10 by voting here.

"I’m fascinated by the things we bury, whether those are the polluted rivers we’ve encaged in Toronto, or our deep hurts and shame... I’d like this novel to be like a glass manhole cover to its readers that allows them to peek underneath the surface both of this city and of a person who might be like someone they know, or even like themselves." Interview with Patricia Westerhof and short excerpt from The Dove in Bathurst Station posted on The Toronto Quarterly.

"Making a name for yourself" in the National Post takes a peek into the world of debut novelists in what is deemed one of our 'biggest' fall seasons for new releases. Thanks to Diana Davidson, Lauren Carter and Patricia Westerhof for their articulate and interesting comments in the piece.

"Carter’s debut reads like an elegy for an entire population, an entire planet. This somber world, paired with a wash of beauty in the prose, makes for a reading experience I can only compare to the blue hour of the day—something half-way between light and darkness." The Coastal Specator reviews Swarm by Lauren Carter.

"A story of strength, dedication, family, and self-discovery, Rosina, The Midwife was fantastic." Reading in Winter reviews Jessica Kluthe's Rosina.

"Davidson has masterfully turned the tables on these historical 'facts' by using them to create a fictional world more real than the one found in any history book." Prism International reviews Pilgrimage by Diana Davidson.

"Against the backdrop of the northern landscape, amid a clash of cultures, Diana Davidson tells a story about the lives of women. The book is about the difficulties women faced in the north at that time, the choices they made, the choices made for them, and their ability to survive." New review for Pilgrimage by Diana Davidson by the The Winnipeg Review.

Lauren Carter talked about her novel Swarm on CHCH Hamilton Morning Live. Watch the segment here.

Check out Diana Davidson list of re-writing women in Canadian history on the 49th Shelf.

The Dove in Bathurst Station by Patricia Westerhof a recommended read on the St. Clements School Reads blog.

Lauren Carter is interviewed by her hometown paper the Orillia Packet about her upcoming launch for Swarm on September 30. Read the Q&A here.

Diana Davidson's Pilgrimage and Lauren Carter's Swarm featured on Kim McCullough's blog post: Five Writers to Watch.

"The questions of this novel are the questions of our time." Lauren Carter's Swarm reviewed in the Winnipeg Review.

Diana Davidson's Pilgrimage makes Reading in Bed's top 5 of fall books by Edmonton authors.

Theresa Shea talks to blogger Lisa Morguess about whether she has a social responsibility as a writer, and where her inspiration came from for The Unfinished Child. Read the interview here.

Rosina, the Midwife by Jessica Kluthe is Vicki Ziegler's pick for summer. Check out the "Couldn't Put It Down" list on 49th shelf for summer reads.

"Reminiscent of Hemingway’s sharp minimalism, paired with Kerouac’s verve, Eat Your Heart Out tackles being alive in the here and now, with sterling writing and stellar voices. Boland is a bold new old-soul in CanLit."Katie Boland's Eat Your Heart Out receives great praise in the Globe and Mail.

WIN a copy of Lauren Carter's forthcoming novel Swarm by entering the Goodreads giveaway here.

A thoughtful review of Mark Lavorato's Believing Cedric. "I whole heartily wish I could go back to the weekend and read it again for the first time. Lavorato brings great descriptions to the details."

Jessica Kluthe's Rosina, the Midwife is part of LitFest's Summer Reading List. Get your copy of Rosina and others on the list to savour over the summer and post a review or comment to #litfest13 to win tickets to this year's festival! More details here: http://litfestalberta.org/

"Sharp and engaging...There is conflict, humor, conflict done humorously, debauchery and fun." What more could you want in a novel? A great review of Angie Abdou's The Canterbury Trail.

"Like a wild wind and sun in the face, Bog Tender will remind readers of the intersection between themselves, memory and nature and that our own memories are more tied up in the physical, unspoken world than we might realize. In a season in which the quotidian term 'cottage read' is thrown around haphazardly, I think it’s safe to say this delicate, bucolic book is king." Rabble.ca reviews Bog Tender by George Szanto.

"Not often does a novel so seamlessly drive us toward a conclusion on such a sensitive and divided issue...Drenched in realism, the novel shows that in life, there are no clean breaks or flawless endings.” A thoughtful review of Theresa Shea's The Unfinished Child in the Winnipeg Review.

WIN a copy of Diana Davidson's debut novel, Pilgrimage! Enter the Goodreads giveaway here.

Congratulations to Sophie B. Watson on her Gold Medal for Cadillac Couches in the Best Regional Fiction at the 2013 IPPY Awards!

Pick up BC BookWorld's summer fiction issue for a great review of Holley Rubinsky's South of Elfrida. Plus, many more reviews and profiles for BC books and authors. Download the issue here: www.abcbookworld.com

Jessica Kluthe, author of Rosina, the Midwife, writes a special guest blog on 49th Shelf for Italian Heritage Month this June. Read about Jessica's influences while writing her family story and check out her list of other Italian-Canadian books to celebrate and enjoy this month.

"Exudes passion, vision, and sensitivity." A Cowherd in Paradise: From China to Canada by May Q. Wong reviewed in the Ginger Post.

"C.S. Lewis once said, 'we read to know that we are not alone.' I think people can read The Unfinished Child and not feel alone. They might feel sad, or angry, but they won’t feel alone." Part 2 of Theresa Shea's interview on Amy Julia Becker's blog.

Theresa Shea, author of The Unfinished Child, eloquently responds to this Q&A on Amy Julia Becker's blog.

Bog Tender on CBC Radio today. Shelagh Rogers talks to George Szanto from his bog on today's The Next Chapter. Listen here and scroll to 44 min. mark for George's segment.

Searching for Hawksley Workman - CBC's music guy Vish Khanna talks to Shelagh Rogers about Cadillac Couches by Sophie B. Watson on The Next Chapter. Listen here.

"Her Voice, Her Century is a worthy journey through the margins of Alberta history." Look for a review of Her Voice, Her Century: Four Plays About Daring Women by David Cheoros, Karen Simonson, and Debbie Marshall in the May issue of Westworld.

A fantastic list (and growing!) of CanLit's Memorable Moms on 49th Shelf. Including The Unfinished Child by Theresa Shea and Rosina, the Midwife by Jessica Kluthe.

An important and compelling guest post by Theresa Shea, author of The Unfinished Child, on the 49th Shelf.

Check out the Literary Goons' recent blog post. An interview with Aaron Shepard about his forthcoming novel When is a Man. Brindle & Glass is proud to be publishing Aaron's novel Spring 2014.

"There's a youthful exuberance about Holley Rubinsky's stories in South of Elfrida." A lovely review for Holley's new short story collection on Story Circle Book Reviews.

"Bog Tender is a book of humanity and humour, sweetness and sorrow—of everything you celebrate and suffer by being attentively alive." A lovely review and profile of George Szanto's Bog Tender: Coming Home to Nature and Memory in the May issue of Focus Magazine.


Bog Tender: Coming Home to Nature and Memory by George Szanto reviewed in the Vancouver Sun.

Find out how George Szanto came to call his new memoir Bog Tender: Coming Home to Nature and Memory, and more about his writing influences with this Q&A on Coastal Spectator.

Alberta Views deems The Unfinished Child by Theresa Shea "a sensitively drawn and well-researched first novel about the complexities of women’s lives... Shea doesn’t provide easy answers, but shows us what women faced and face, in fluid, beautiful language." Read the full review here.

"This novel has a blend of Will Ferguson-like love/despair of Canada, with the contemporary zing of writers like Susan Isaacs, M.A.C. Farrant and Susan Juby. But Cadillac Couches is entirely its own being and I highly recommend getting to know it!" Fabbity Fab Book Reviews finds Sophie B. Watson's novel a treat.

Literary Goon writes about the inspiring west coast, with mentions of Sea to Sky, the Islands Investigations International mystery series, and George Szanto's Bog Tender: Coming Home to Nature and Memory.

 "Cadillac Couches, an all-Canadian novel written by Edmontonian, Sophie B. Watson, gives readers greater insight into Edmonton’s niche of Folk Music Festival loving people." Nicole Basbara reviews Cadillac Couches on her blog.

"Rubinsky’s stories are unsentimental, edged with farce and sprinkled with capricious detail...Even Rubinsky’s darker humour does not so much horrify as hearten; I am left believing in the redemptive power of life’s odd miscalculated moments." A thoughtful review of South of Elfrida by Holley Rubinsky in the Coastal Spectator.

"Beautifully written, deeply felt." A lovely review for George Szanto's Bog Tender: Coming Home to Nature and Memory in the Times Colonist.

A thoughtful and provoking piece by blogger Lisa Morguess about the themes and issues found in Theresa Shea's The Unfinished Child.

"I climb the same staircase of thoughts. I stop looking at the world as just myself. I work to see it from a multitude of perspectives. Something about that is a relief. In both cases, I want to live as other people." Katie Boland's guest blog 'On Being a Writer and an Actress' on 49th Shelf.

"This isn’t just the story of one woman and her questions about her ancestor; in many ways, this is a universal story that will appeal to anyone who has done genealogy work or wondered about their ancestors and family history." Jessica Kluthe's Rosina, the Midwife reviewed in the Daily Herald Tribune.

Holley Rubinsky spoke to Chris Walker at CBC Daybreak South about her new story collection South of Elfrida. Listen to the interiew here.

"Szanto’s attenuation to memory and to his natural surroundings, especially the bog where he lives on Gabriola Island, is exquisitely rendered in Bog Tender." A lovely and thoughtful review of George Szanto's Bog Tender: Coming Home to Nature and Memory in the Gabriola Sounder.

"Deftly imagined...A must read for not only parents in the Down syndrome community, but for all parents, and for anyone who appreciates masterful story-telling." The Unfinished Child by Theresa Shea reviewed on book blog Turn the Page.

Eat Your Heart Out author Katie Boland answers Open Book Toronto's Proust Questionnaire.

"In language that is spare and breathtakingly beautiful, Jessica Kluthe has written a book which carves new paths for literary nonfiction to follow." Rosina, the Midwife reviewed in the Coastal Spectator.

"Refreshing and satisfying, Bog Tender reveals a writer deep in reflection and quite happy with his lot." George Szanto's new memoir Bog Tender: Coming Home to Nature and Memory reviewed in the Quill & Quire.

A lovely profile in the Nelson Star for Holley Rubinsky's upcoming launch of South of Elfrida. More here.

Publishers Weekly reviews The Unfinished Child, the debut novel by Theresa Shea, deeming the novel has a "gripping climax, raising compelling questions about moral responsibility in a 21st-century world." Read the review here.

Katie Boland talks to Caroline Leavitt about Eat Your Heart Out - writing, healing, and whether or not breakups are ever resolved. Read more here.

A nice profile in the April issue of Quill & Quire on Keith Maillard's 'high-tech hope chest.' Visit www.keithmaillard.com for his newly converted eBooks.

Edmonton Journal's Elizabeth Withey talks to Jessica Kluthe talks about Rosina, the Midwife. More here.

Jessica Kluthe talks to the St. Albert Gazette about her new book Rosina, the Midwife. Read her interview here.

In Bog Tender: Coming Home to Nature and Memory, George Szanto "makes a strong case for the beauty of the bog, and for the value of choosing, at last, a home." Book review in the National Post's Afterword.

Linda Rogers chats with poet and writer Lisa Martin-DeMoor about winning the Malahat Reviews' 2013 Open Season Award for poetry. Read the interview here.

CBC Radio's The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers speaks with Hidden Lives: Coming Out on Mental Illness contributors Lynne Van Luven and Lenore Rowntree. Listen to the interview here.

“Place is powerful: who we are is informed, at least in part, by where we come from." Jessica Kluthe interviewed by the Morinville News about her new book Rosina, the Midwife. More from the interview here.

Read on to find out what inspired Katie Boland to write her debut story collection Eat Your Heart Out. More here: Inside Toronto: Profile on Katie Boland.

Angie Abdou is reading from her award-winning novel The Canterbury Trail at Bacchus Book & Cafe in Golden, BC on March 29, 7:00pm. Event details here.

The Tinsmith by Tim Bowling makes the EPL Alberta Readers' Choice Award longlist. Top 5 finalists will be announced on April 11. Public voting begins April 22. More details here.

Kirkus Reviews deems Bog Tender: Coming Home to Nature and Memory by George Szanto “Lushly rendered....An earthy, homespun and voyeuristically satisfying book.” Full review here.

Jessica Kluthe's Rosina,The Midwife is "a great reminder that our ancestry helps us understand ourselves." Visit the book's Goodreads page for more reader reviews.

Angie Abdou makes The Five Hole Stories by Dave Bidini her March LitPick. Check out the review and see why she writes: "Let Five Hole Stories be Canada's answer to the current erotica craze." Full review here.

The Salty Ink includes Katie Boland's debut story collection Eat Your Heart Out on their short fiction spring preview!

Tim Bowling’s novel The Tinsmith was in part inspired by the true story of a successful entrepreneur in southern BC in the 1870s. Bowling talked to the LPG about his creative fascination with John Sullivan Deas, about whom little is known, and his personal connection to the area where Deas operated a large salmon cannery. More here.

Sophie B. Watson talks to CBC Music about her musically inspired road trip novel Cadillac Couches, and why she included Hawksley Workman in the story, and Hawksley responds! Listen to the interviews here.

"Westerhof’s collection of eleven loosely related short stories is a rare treat." Patricia Westerhof's Catch Me When I Fall reviewed on bookfrag.com.

The Tinsmith by Tim Bowling makes Amazon.ca Editors' Pick: Best Books of 2012! Hear Tim reading from his highly acclaimed novel at Incite Reading Series in Vancouver on January 16. Tamas Dobozy, Candace Savage and Tim Bowling to read at Incite at VPL.

The Edmonton Journal published a lovely preview on Edmonton authors with books in 2013. An impressive list, including Jessica Kluthe's Rosina, the Midwife (March), Theresa Shea's The Unfinished Child (April), and Diana Davidson's Pilgrimage. (September).

Check out the Quill & Quire's Spring preview 2013: Canadian novels, which includes Theresa Shea's debut novel The Unfinished Child.

The Quill & Quire's Spring preview 2013: Canadian short fiction is out and includes the debut story collection Eat Your Heart Out by multi-talented author Katie Boland, and South of Elfrida by award-winning author Holley Rubinsky. 

Rosina, the Midwife by Jessica Kluthe and South of Elfrida by Holley Rubinsky make the 49th Shelf's list of anticipated books for spring! More here: The Books We're Waiting For: Spring Preview 2013.

Check out January Magazine's Best Books of 2012: Fiction, including The Tinsmith by Tim Bowling. Bowling's "strong connections to a poetic past resonate most vividly in The Tinsmith, a book that manages to be deeply interesting, searingly beautiful and historically compelling."

Sophie B Watson's Cadillac Couches is the book of the month at CBC Music! Join in on the discussion on their blog every Thursday. More details here.

Join us January 16 in Vancouver for a powerhouse night at Vancouver International Writers Festival's Incite reading series with Tim Bowling (The Tinsmith), Tamas Dobozy (Siege 13), and Candace Savage (Geography of Blood). January 16, 7:30pm in the Alice MacKay Room at Vancouver's Central Library. More details here.

Times Higher Education's 'What are you reading?' list includes Shari Lepena's Happiness Economics, mentioned as "sharply funny and profound." More here.

"This book gives an in to talking about some of the most difficult issues in Canadian soci


Author: Diana Davidson

Diana Davidson's novel Pilgrimage opens in the deep winter of 1891 on the Métis settlement of Lac St. Anne. Here, over a tumultuous year, three women connected by family, desire, and secrets try to survive the violent intimacy of a small place where cultures intersect. The Edmonton Journal deems the novel, "an ambitious, insightful work...an edifying, smartly written portrait of northern Alberta in the 1890s with characters that stick to the bones." The Winnipeg Review wrote, "a well-written, compelling story, whose characters will haunt you after you’ve turned the last page and set the book down."

"The questions of this novel are the questions of our time." - See more at: http://brindleandglass.com/index.php#sthash.k3D8wm6K.dpuf
"The questions of this novel are the questions of our time." Lauren Carter's Swarm reviewed in the Winnipeg Review. - See more at: http://brindleandglass.com/index.php#sthash.k3D8wm6K.dpuf
"The questions of this novel are the questions of our time." Lauren Carter's Swarm reviewed in the Winnipeg Review. - See more at: http://brindleandglass.com/index.php#sthash.k3D8wm6K.dpuf

A complex and stirring novel, The Dove in Bathurst Station is about finding hope and reconciliation. - See more at: http://brindleandglass.com/book_details.php?isbn_upc=9781927366141#sthash.JRdStvPi.dpuf
A complex and stirring novel, The Dove in Bathurst Station is about finding hope and reconciliation. - See more at: http://brindleandglass.com/book_details.php?isbn_upc=9781927366141#sthash.JRdStvPi.dpufFollow Patricia on Twitter at @PaWesterhof.
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Shari Lapena

A Top 40 Book for Canada Reads 2014 and shortlisted for the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, Happiness Economics by Shari Lapeña is a comic novel about a poet’s heroic struggle to create in the face of cultural and domestic impediments. Poetry meets parkour and culture clashes with commerce in Lapeña's hilarious look at how we measure the value of art.

Shortlisted for the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour - See more at: http://brindleandglass.com/book_details.php?isbn_upc=9781897142547#sthash.fN4HJrsm.dpuf

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