"A novel that is wholly entertaining—there are some laugh-out-loud moments and countless smirky grins—and still leaves you with lots to think about? That's good stuff. A wholly entertaining novel that leaves you with something to believe in? That's grand." —Buried in Print, review of Shari LaPeña's Happiness Economics

Flying Time by Suzanne North is Perfect Books' Feature Book of the Month for July.

We are so excited to be working with Julie Paul on her forthcoming collection The Pull of the Moon (available this fall), and so pleased that "Damage", a story from the collection, was shared on LittleFiction.com.


Aaron Shepard and When is a Man chosen for LPG's First Fiction Fridays feature!

Jessica Kluthe speaks with AMI-Audio Choice Words about the inspiration for Rosina, The Midwife, meaning making, and her research trip to the Old Country. Listen to the interview here.

The Coastal Spectator's review of Margaret Thompson's The Cuckoo's Child calls the novel "a compelling meld of family mystery and searing meditation upon loss."

Suzanne North's Flying Time "first captures and holds interest with its beautiful storytelling and then takes a suspenseful turn, leading it to can't-put-it-down territory." —Alberta Views



"Novels love a changeling—there's something Dickensian about this story of mistaken identity." —Globe and Mail review of Margaret Thompson's The Cuckoo's Child

Suzanne North's new novel Flying Time spent three weeks at the top of the Calgary Herald Bestseller list

"Virtually every beat of Shepard’s prose is bang on. His sharp dialogue, well-drawn characters, and incisive descriptions work to make this tale highly believable. He captures both the sclerotic inanity of grad school and the insularity of small-town life with equal gusto. The novel is tightly plotted, yet leaves room for convincing moments of reflection." —Quill & Quire Magazine's starred review of Aaron Shepard's debut novel, When is a Man

Jessica Kluthe (Rosina, The Midwife) and Theresa Shea (The Unfinished Child) nominated for Alberta Lit Awards by the Writers Guild of Alberta!

Patricia Westerhof's novel The Dove in Bathurst Station named winner of a Word Award for Contemporary Novel by the Word Guild.
We're thrilled to see that Swarm by Lauren Carter and Happiness Economics by Shari LaPeña have made it into the Top 40 of CBC Books Canada Reads 2014! Please help us get these two titles into the Top 10 by voting here.
"I’m fascinated by the things we bury, whether those are the polluted rivers we’ve encaged in Toronto, or our deep hurts and shame... I’d like this novel to be like a glass manhole cover to its readers that allows them to peek underneath the surface both of this city and of a person who might be like someone they know, or even like themselves." Interview with Patricia Westerhof and short excerpt from The Dove in Bathurst Station posted on The Toronto Quarterly.
"Making a name for yourself" in the National Post takes a peek into the world of debut novelists in what is deemed one of our 'biggest' fall seasons for new releases. Thanks to Diana Davidson, Lauren Carter and Patricia Westerhof for their articulate and interesting comments in the piece.
"Carter’s debut reads like an elegy for an entire population, an entire planet. This somber world, paired with a wash of beauty in the prose, makes for a reading experience I can only compare to the blue hour of the day—something half-way between light and darkness." The Coastal Specator reviews Swarm by Lauren Carter.
"A story of strength, dedication, family, and self-discovery, Rosina, The Midwife was fantastic." Reading in Winter reviews Jessica Kluthe's Rosina




Whatever Lola Wants

Author: George Szanto

George Szanto's newest novel is a study of human nature. High on a cloud above Mount Washington, Ted watches the Earth below. Inspired by three particular families, he tells their stories to Lola, an Old Hollywood bombshell who was as much as a goddess in life as in the afterlife. While the families experience the thrills and sorrows of life, Ted's words capture Lola's heart.

This is a story about stories—those we tell others, those we tell ourselves, and those that make use who we are.




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Suzanne North

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is where Suzanne North now calls home, but she was born and raised in Calgary, which why the city comes to life in her novel Flying Time. Whether describing the city as it was in the time before WWII, or as it now stands, in the current century, Suzanne's descriptions of her beloved city transport the reader from wherever they are to the streets of Calgary, and hold them captive until the end of the book.

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